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About Natys

Welcome to Natys Wall Art, where visual storytelling meets the essence of home. I'm Armine B. Peña - Laagland, an artist, floral designer, and passionate traveler with a deep love for capturing and preserving memories through photography.


Our Home, Our Haven

Imagine stepping into a new house, a space you can truly call home - a haven where cherished memories from childhood to adulthood intertwine. This is the foundation of Natys Wall Art, a space dedicated to transforming your home into a warm sanctuary, filled with the calming beauty of nature and travel photography prints.

Photography with Purpose

Decorate your home interior with prints that resonate, creating an inviting atmosphere that sparks conversations with family and friends. Travel photos hold the power to evoke happiness, bringing back positive memories and enhancing the overall mood in our homes.

Meet the Artist: Armine B. Peña - Laagland

In 2009, my journey took a turn when I met my love, leading me to the Netherlands, where I eventually embraced the stunning floral landscapes. A career shift from retail management to floral design marked a significant chapter, and in 2015, I founded 'Natys,' a floral design business named in honor of my late mother, Natividad.

My travels, fueled by my husband's role as a nautical pilot, sparked a new passion for photography. As a contributor to iStockphoto (under Armine Pena) and Gettyimages (under Min Nepal), I began visually narrating stories while managing my floral design business.

A Creative Evolution: Natys Wall Art

With the evolution brought by the pandemic, Natys Wall Art emerged as a platform to share visually compelling stories. Each image captures a beautiful moment, crafted to evoke joy and positive emotions in every viewer.

                                                                                   - Armine B. Peña - Laagland



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