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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Privacy Policy

     We prioritize the security of your private information and do not share it with third parties. Personal information collected during a purchase, such as name, address, telephone number, and email, is solely used for processing and completing the transaction.

2. SSL Security

     Our website employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology to safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access. Look for the lock icon in the website address bar, indicating a secure, SSL-protected site.

3. Use of Hyperlinks

     Hyperlinks are essential for providing visitors with valuable information and contribute to the website's ranking on search engines. Our website is directly linked to, offering access to in-situ images. Additionally, links to recommended print shops and stock photos from Min Nepal and Armine Pena on and are provided.

4. Quality Guarantee

     Our preferred print shop utilizes Chromaluxe technology, ensuring top-tier print quality that lasts for generations. For more information, visit [Chromaluxe](

5. HD Metal Prints Source

     HD metal prints are sourced from trusted print providers, primarily Whitewall. The prints undergo high-quality production and careful packaging in Germany, ensuring prompt delivery. A separate package containing a certificate of authenticity, personally issued and signed, is sent to verify the authenticity of the purchase.

   - [Whitewall](
   - [Print Provider in the Netherlands](

6. Certificate of Authenticity

     Each artwork comes with a personally issued, numbered, and signed certificate of authenticity, enhancing its value and authenticity. The certificate is securely packaged separately and sent directly to the customer.

7. Refunds and Returns

     All orders are custom-made, and our preferred print provider has a 'no refund' policy. In case of damage or issues, customers should contact us within two weeks, providing order details and images. We will work with our print provider to find a suitable solution.

8. International Shipping

     We currently deliver to specified countries. For international orders and inquiries, please contact us using the provided contact form. Additional customs duties and import VAT may apply to non-EU countries.

9. Metal Print Border

     HD metal prints feature a rounded edge and a sharp square corner, with the choice of corner treatments. Orders delivered to the Netherlands have a rounded profile, while international orders exclusively have sharp square corners.

10. Custom-Order Prints

      Stock photos from Min Nepal and Armine Pena on and can be custom-ordered. Contact us for more details.

By using our website and making a purchase, you agree to these terms and conditions.